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DX Planning for Manufacturing Company


In the ERP and CRM overhaul for a leading Japanese manufacturer, our team took the helm. We designed the promotional strategy, ensuring that the transition would be smooth and impactful. Through careful analysis, we delved deep into the existing business workflows, pinpointing key challenges that were hindering efficiency. After defining the specific objectives we aimed to achieve, we proceeded to set a clear target scope. The final step in our strategy was to lay the foundation for an effective execution system. Our holistic approach has not only updated their technological platforms but also revolutionized the way they operate.


Innovation Planning for Manufacturing Company


Embarked on planning an innovative externally linked circular economy initiative for a foremost domestic electronics manufacturer. We provided support in sculpting a robust service system and an effective management structure, all while keeping a keen eye on the competitive advantage, ensuring the venture's success in a saturated market.


Assisted a major Japanese manufacturer, with global sales channels, in crafting a DX concept. Our primary responsibilities included diving deep into the current challenges faced by each functional division, subsequently providing clarity and direction. Furthermore, our expertise was instrumental in the formulation of comprehensive IT blueprints, ensuring a cohesive digital strategy.


Innovation Planning for Manufacturing Company


Provided comprehensive support for a leading Japanese System Integrator (SIer) known for its automotive solutions, aiding in their venture of new business planning. Drawing insights from international case studies, we successfully projected the upcoming trends in both the automotive and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) sectors. This foresight, combined with our strategic mindset, enabled the creation of a well-defined market entry strategy, positioning the SIer for potential growth and success in these rapidly evolving domains.


DX Planning for Manufacturing Company

(medical devices)

Supported a renowned Japanese medical device manufacturer in their endeavor to reform supply chain management. Our team delved into the intricate process, diligently visualizing both business and data flow. This in-depth analysis enabled us to seamlessly incorporate the company's structural layout and a meticulous project roadmap into the overarching plan. Our strategic approach ensured a holistic transformation, optimizing efficiency and setting the groundwork for future advancements.


Innovation Planning for Manufacturing Company


Extended our expertise to a renowned Japanese furniture manufacturer during their crucial data utilization planning phase. Our collaboration was centered around the objective of significantly elevating the customer experience. By strategically harnessing customer data, we were able to identify key areas for distribution flow enhancement. This in-depth analysis and our systematic approach culminated in the formulation of a comprehensive roadmap, laying out clear milestones and actionable steps towards achieving an optimized user experience.

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