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DX Consulting

Turning Innovative Futures into Reality.

We focus on clients based in North America, addressing challenges across all industries and sectors. Our services incorporate agile methodologies, featuring a collaborative approach that runs parallel to execution, guiding our clients' Digital Transformation towards success.

Candy Cotton

Why Planna

Our goal is to lead the Digital Transformation of our clients based in North America.  We are partners who engage in small-scale trials together with our clients. Utilizing our bases in both the U.S. and Japan, we advance our efforts while aligning with our Japanese headquarters. These services are offered at reasonable prices, allowing us to support a greater number of clients.

Supporting PoC in North America. We are partner that leads to success through repeated small-scale trials

By aligning with our clients' Japanese headquarters, we facilitates smooth progress.

Our clients fully utilize their own resources while we handle the specialized areas, creating a parallel advancement structure.

Candy Cotton

Our Approach

We place a primary focus on realizing Digital Transformation. We provide support from the conception and strategy formulation, through planning, to execution. We define a DX project in 3 phases, Grand design, Planning, and Continuous Execution. In each phase, we are using our methodology to achieve the goal efficiently.

Grand Design


Continuous Execution

Candy Cotton


We offer support across all industries and sectors to ensure business insight with emerging technology. Please contact us for more details.

Candy Cotton

Success Story

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