Our objective is to provide quality decisions and ensure the highest quality of communication  to make your company and the world we live in a more efficient and compelling place for the future.

Our Mission

 Since 2016, Planna Inc has been providing innovative business incubation solutions for world industry leaders. Today we continuously strive to provide solutions that define the future of technology to achieve extraordinary innovation. 

 Our culture consists of a diverse team to ensure the highest communication possible. Our goal is to create solutions that have impact with bold ambitions to help transform each organization, to generate the most probability and productivity possible.


Why Planna

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 The climate of the modern business has drastically changed in recent years. Remote operations, Cloud computing, resource allocation etc. have drastically changed the way we interact and has forced us to accommodate to many different factors with our business decisions.
 Restructuring your business in an effective innovative manner can be difficult, regardless the size of the company. Our passion at Planna is to make sure that each organization can maintain integrity while maximizing profitability.

 Diversity, economic development, environment efficiency and education are all key areas that we focus to solve for each individual to create a bright new future for all.


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Takahiro Kawahara

Management consultant specialized in strategy and incubation of new business with emerging technologies.

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Japan branch CEO
Akinobu Kawahara

Japanese lawyer
Specializes in a wide range of legal matters, including contracts, international transactions, M&A, IPO preparations, and handling advertising legal matters.

Office Locations

Planna, Inc.

2 Embarcadero Center 8F,
San Francisco, CA, 94111


Founded: 2016 Jun

Planna, Inc. Japan branch

5F, Daiwa Azabu Terrace 3-20-1,
Minami-azabu, Minato, Tokyo
Japan 106-0047

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