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Light Strokes

Innovation Consulting

Together, we create an innovative future with cutting-edge technology.

We serve as a bridge to expand new possibilities for businesses. By integrating domestic and international knowledge, we aim to realize innovative ideas and technologies. We promote collaboration with startups and research institutions, supporting the formulation of strategies that meet market needs. We enable business growth through high-speed execution and risk reduction. Let's shape the future of business together.

Candy Cotton

Why Planna

We are a true partner, walking alongside you from concept formulation to execution. Utilizing our network of experts in cutting-edge technologies such as AI and robotics, we provide innovative solutions. Moreover, our extensive track record with major Japanese corporations and in the U.S. guarantees high-quality services. We commit to growing together, considering our clients' success as our own.

Candy Cotton

Our Approach

We leverage our extensive experience in realizing concepts to primarily support the execution of innovation.

Candy Cotton

Success Story

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